As a human being, who has some little humanity left in you there are some things you CAN NEVER do no matter what.

As a human being, I think the first thing you need to do before taking any action, be it physical or verbal, is that, you must think how you would have felt if the same was done to you or your child or your mother, brother or any other person that’s dear to you.

We are living in a savage world where everyone thinks they are right enough to say anything anytime they feel like. Or where people think they have enough to treat anyone anyhowly.


I think every human being is equal before the eyes of God, who is The life giver. Even that beggar in the streets was created in God’s own image and God loves them same way He loves you.

So, how about we start treating each other same way we would want to be treated. Talk to each other in a kind tone. What people are going through out here is just sad. People are fighting plenty of battles worth taking away their lives. And the worse a person can do is treating an already frustrated person harshly or rudely.

Sweet and kind words does not mean you are weak. It only means you are human enough to know the impact of good people in this world of sin. Being kind and understanding explains your knowledge of life.

Sometimes just checking on your friends means alot. Maybe she was crying. Maybe she had reached the end. Maybe she was out of options. But your call might give her hope. Hope that someone thinks about her or him. Hope that by her being alive is someone’s happiness.

Be the human being that touches hearts. The human being that when someone mentions your name, few people have something nice to say about you. Cause you have been nothing but a blessing.

Be the human being that when you leave this world, people who you never talked to everyday will feel the loss because just the idea that you are out there impacting them in one way or another meant alot to them.

Touch hearts. Touch lives. Say hi to that watchman. Say hello to that vegetables woman. Say hi to random people. Compliment random people. Tell your parents you love them. Spend time with your loved ones. Be the light. Shine everywhere you go. Smile. Be happy. And always care. And before you do anything bad, remember the world needs good people, and start by being one of them.

I grew up knowing bad people go to hell but what I know now is, bad people attract bad things, not only for themselves but also to the people they care for… I heard they call it karma… and it never misses the address.

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Always keep it mummytreasure 👭


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  1. This article has proved to me that you are now growing. Keep it up the good spirit.when I die today I know many will be like”what will we do?”.Am touched by this article.


    1. Yes. Alot of people will have lost someone special. Cause you touch hearts. Many hearts


  2. richardyadon says:

    It is always best to recognize the toxic people in our lives and distance ourselves. Bad attitudes and negativity have an insidious way of becoming contagious.

    Richard Yadon | http://www.RichardYadon.com

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