Being a young mum

So many challenges come with being a young mum. As you take the responsibility of raising a child, you have another responsibility of raising yourself, so balancing the two could be hard especially if you are in a TOUGH relationship. By a tough relationship, I mean the one that has alot of drama or misunderstanding. It must be draining and tiring to deal with the kid and the drama… I guess

When you are young, you want to dress up and baby wants to dress up too. So you decide, are you going to be a flashy mummy with an unkept baby? Are you going to be an unkept mummy with a flashy baby, or both of you are going to look good together?

Most parents get mixed up in this and end up focusing on themselves and leave the baby out! With the pressure from the social media, where girls my age look like a million dollar bag, it’s tempting to want to be them. It’s tempting to want to buy myself a bottle of champagne. But again, I could do alot with Ksh 15000, so I always say, “I’ll pass” not because I can’t but because I have things to do with that cash

But again I can’t squeeze myself on the wall simply because I am a mum, I’m a young lady too. And I’m not a mum until I tell you I’m a mum. ( my body features are those of a young lady). So once in a while I spoil myself.

Today I’ll share some things I do as a young lady, without forgetting that I am a mum

1. As a young lady, I go out, to the club, to parties. But as a mum I never tag along a man back home. I don’t even tag along a drunk female friend. I don’t even come back home if I have had alot.

2. As a young lady, I dress up for the occassion. But as a mum, I am forced to change the outfit if my baby says it’s inappropriate.

3. As a young lady, I use the social media alot, I take videos of myself most of the time, I am literally addicted to snapchat. As a mum, if I have to attend to my daughter, even the phone stays far away from me. ( kids need alot of attention)

4. As a young lady, I can decide to overdo the weekend but as a mum 24 hours are too much to be away from my 3 year old. Maybe when she is alittle bit grown

5. As a young lady, I can at times mismanage my money and shop things that I don’t need, but my mummy consciousness can’t allow me to do that if I have not sorted my home first.

6. As a young lady, I’m scared ofmany creatures but when they pop up and I am with my baby then i have to mummy up and act accordingly. Kids don’t like weak or scared parents. I’m scared of rats but tell you what, 2016 I had to kill one cause Treasure saw it and she couldn’t sleep.

Do you know what they mean when they say family comes first? It simply means these are the people that will be next to you for the rest of your life, physically or not, and if they are not your priority then it’s such a pity cause you have failed as a parent. So I MUST choose Treasure before anything cause there is nothing disappointing like your maybe 30 year old daughter telling you that you failed as a parent 27 years later because you chose living life over nurturing life. Being mummy is sweet and having a responsibility tops it up… because you literally have a reason to wake up tomorrow.

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  1. Absolutely says:

    It’s a delicate balancing act really to take the responsibility of a mum when you’re young. There are many things you’d wish to do but quickly overlook them when you remember there’s a young lifelife somewhere that needs to be nurtured accordingly. But with the right balance, you can “spoil” yourself and “spoil” your kid too. What’s the heck?

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  2. Tish says:

    This is pure love… The smiles and laugh are always the heartwarming results of all we do…. Let’s keep up in being the best mum’s.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Lovely mum what a lucky daughter

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  4. znwr0213 says:

    Am happy to meet a fellow young mom who is stepping up and takin care of her child without lamenting all the time. You are an awesome mama! 😽😽💐
    I am also a mommy blogger at you can check it out 😊

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  5. hollieroser says:

    I LOVE this! We aren’t one or the other, we can be both.
    I really feel like “I’m not a mum until I tell you I’m a mum” is going to be soo relatable once my bub is born.

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    1. Yes mummy. I have to show you photos of my full grown daughter for someone to believe I am a mum. And congratulations

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